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  1. attribute - characteristic of a person or thing
  2. background - the part of an artwork that is away or in back
  3. bark cloth - heavy fabric made from beaten plant fibers
  4. bas relief - sculpture which comes out slightly from a flat surface
  5. clay pigments - materials from the earth which can be used to stain or paint objects
  6. color - the quality or effect of light on objects
  7. disguise - to make recognition difficult through altering the appearance
  8. estimate - guess at a proximate amount
  9. foreground - the part of an artwork nearest the viewer
  10. form - a shape that has height, width, and depth
  11. free-standing - stands without an attachment or by itself
  12. frontal - as seen from a straight on view
  13. gesture - the position of the limbs and of the body
  14. half-profile - part profile
  15. helmet masks - a mask which covers the entire head rather than just the face
  16. landscape - a genre of art dealing with the depiction of natural scenery
  17. line - a mark that goes from one point and moves over a surface. A line may be 2-d or 3-d and straight, curved, long, short, thick or thin
  18. Leonardo da Vinci - Italian born in 1452, artist, architect, musician, scientist who embodies the idea of a “Renaissance man”