Intermediate Resources
Key search words – masks, symmetry, reflection
This resource from Math forum discusses the concepts of symmetry, grids, and tesselations using traditional carpet designs as its starting point. There are many connections to the same sorts of textiles that are found in the San Antonio Museum of Art. This site has connections to traditional cultures and their use of pattern and symmetry.
AskERIC is always a wonderful resource and this particular lesson is no exception. Its aims are to teach symmetry and asymmetry to special education, art, and math portfolio students. in grades 5-8.
From the Houston Teachers Institute come this great resource on symmetry across time and cultures, including activities such as mask-making in this particular lesson. There are links to other activities and investigations about the symmetry connections.
A comprehensive, user-friendly article on the history and use of masks from the Milwaukee Public Museum’s magazine.
Children’s author Jan Brett’s animal mask pages – fun and decorative.
Many activity suggestions that relate to symmetry, math, and art.
Nice examples of student-crafted masks on’s site.
Some slightly more advanced ideas about creating symmetrical designs from The Math Forum.
Source for maps

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