Overview: Mask, Magic, & Mirrors
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The purpose of the materials contained here is to help the students develop the skills and knowledge they need to make cross-cultural comparisons in art and life, drawing on the museum's collections. The lessons provide connected learning for diverse audiences. Throughout this unit students will be engaged in

exploring different kinds of symmetry and mirror images
connecting with the masks as a concept and how they relate to and reflect or distort facial proportions
understanding cultural implications in expression and countenance
recognizing metaphysical content and mythological context as portrayed across time and cultures with non-verbal messages through objects of art such as masks and portraits

Suggested activities and materials support educators before, during, and after a museum visit. The intermediate section is designed for middle school students. It encourages an examination of the philosophical implications of the works of art. By examining a variety of masks and objects, students experience ways that artists communicate. Students also have an opportunity to personalize information through self-examination and reflection.